This is a guest blog from Heather, one of our Friday night bartenders on the early shift. This particular event happened on Friday the 13th, which may or may not explain both the customer's bizarre behavior and Heather's reaction to it.

Now we all have our pet peeves in life and bartenders are no exception. Sometimes, we get cranky. It happens to all of us now and again. A recent Friday night event made me a bit more than cranky as I actually yelled at someone. 

This guy was in on a busy and crowded Friday night with his buddies. He starts making facial expressions like he is going to be sick. Then he starts making full body motions like he is going to throw up on the guy next to him.  He was close to the door, so I in turn yelled “Get out, take it outside” while pointing to the door. We certainly didn't have time to clean up vomit on this busy night.

He puffs out his chest and peacocks on over to the bar saying “What? Couldn’t you tell I was joking?” as he made the same apparently fake vomiting motions towards me.  No, I couldn’t and I didn’t want to have to clean it up either. Yuck. 

I get that sometimes people just don’t know any better but come on! Besides, it is never a good idea to intentionally make the bartender mad- or to throw up in the bar.