Last week, we put out a call for graduating students who love the Sandbar. Our final 2011 graduate profile is Becki, who also submitted the winning idea for our 2011 graduation pint glasses. Read what she has to say about the bar below.

I love the Sandbar and I've been coming to here longer than I'd like to admit. To give some perspective, I was there for the beginning of Debbi and Dave. And dressing up to go out meant wearing your best flannel shirt with jeans and Birkenstocks. Anytime I have friends come in from out of town, I make it a point to have the Sandbar a part of their visit. For me, the Sandbar is part of what makes Lawrence so unique and fun.

Tell us your favorite memory from the Sandbar. A few years ago I had my birthday party upstairs on the beach. At that time, the bar had Rock Band set up for people to play so a group of my friends and I brought in food and played all night. To my knowledge, that was the only time a party like that was done. It was one of the best nights I've had at the Sandbar!

Dance practice 2 Funniest memory from the Sandbar? One of the funniest memories I have didn't actually happen at the bar, but was Sandbar-float-related. In 2006, the St. Patrick's Day parade float theme was a giant wedding cake, and the guys dressed as grooms and the girls dressed as brides. A great theme, but what made it funnier was that at the time I was nearly eight months pregnant. As we were going by the judges' stand, the parade emcee (who is a friend of mine) called me out over the loudspeaker for dancing on the float while I was pregnant and told me to be careful since I was dancing for two.

What's the longest you've waited in line? I know I waited in line in college, but now generally when I go to the Sandbar I'm there early enough to get in before a line starts. I've gotten smarter as I've gotten older.

IMG_0081 Remember the first time you came here? Tell us your first impression. To be honest, I think the first time I ever went to the Sandbar was when I got a call to come pick up one of my roommates (who shall remain nameless because she has editorial control of this blog). I remember it being really loud and seeming like there were hundreds of people in there. I was fascinated by the assortment of people and how everyone was having such a great time. i went back with her soon after to experience it myself and was hooked.

Favorite drink? I almost always order a beer, but I never turn down a Bahama Mama.

Becki graduated this year from the University of Kansas School of Medicine with a Masters in Health Services Administration. Congrats!