Last week, we put out a call for graduating students who love the Sandbar. Our next 2011 graduate profile is Kirstie. Read what she has to say about the bar below. Are you a Sandbar graduate this year? We'd love to hear your story, too!

What's your favorite Sandbar jukebox song? "Margaritaville"-Jimmy Buffett. I mean, who can't have a good time when that songs on!?

23859_407155865114_630095114_5519836_8066837_nTell us the funniest moment you remember at The Sandbar, whether it involves you or not. Funniest/weirdest moment I remember off the top of my head was when a friend of mine got hit on by a much older guy on a bachelor party…and it was the GROOM! To win her affection, he made a rose out of a napkin and offered it to her in exchange for a kiss…which she gladly delivered and he took full advantage of. Luckily, her sober friend (aka me) rescued her.

Remember the first time you came here? Tell us your first impression. My first time at the Sandbar was on my 21st birthday. I was in awe of the place and spent a majority of the night there. I experienced my first hurricane on the bar and had Dave as a bartender. It was a perfect night at the Sandbar.
Sandbar1 What's your drink of choice? The one you'll miss the most? My favorite drink is the Bermuda Triangle and I will definitely miss that one the most!
Tell us what you're doing after you graduate. I am not entirely sure what my plans are after graduation… move to Singapore, become an acclaimed romance novelist, solve world hunger…much to be decided! I will miss the Lawrence Sandbar a lot, though! It's my favorite bar in town! (Thanks!)
How many hours have you waited in line? I have probably waited 45 minutes at most to get in to the Sandbar. I would wait an eternity though…much worth the wait!