Last week, we put out a call for graduating students who love the Sandbar. Our next 2011 graduate profile is Kylie. Read what she has to say about the bar below. Are you a Sandbar graduate this year? We'd love to hear your story, too!

What's your favorite jukebox song? The Proclaimers, "500 miles." I was in there once and while sitting at the bar on a busy Saturday night, everyone was yelling that song and Dave was leading the choir. I like being able to sing along with the jukebox and no one judges. The whole room is dancing and singing, you may not know the person next to you but you will join in singing together.

Tell us the funniest moment you remember at the Sandbar. On St. Patty's day, my best friend, who was an Irish dancer for many years, was dancing in the middle of the room. I could not help but laugh because she always seems to do that in bars after a few drinks. 

273917771Remember the first time you came to the Sandbar? Tell us your first impression. The first time I came there I was amazed at how it looked on the inside. The salt water tanks are pretty cool and the first time I was there one of the fish when I was standing next to the tank followed me and just stared at me. It made me slightly uncomfortable so I had to move, but now when I go in I have to go and see him. The atmosphere is so much better than any other bar I have been to. (Thanks!)

What's your drink of choice? The one you'll miss the most? I think the question is, what drink won't I miss the most? I love them all! I do my best to get a different one each time I am there to try and find a new favorite, but they are all so good. But I think if I had to pick one, the dirty banana shots are to die for! I have a collection of rubber ducky's and sharks in the apartment, along with several beaded necklaces.

What are your plans after graduation? So far after graduation I have no big plans. Job searching currently but who knows where the road will take me.

How may hours have you waited in line? Hardly any, i always get there early enough before the crowd shows up to enjoy the night. Thanks for all the fun and memories this year!