Last week, we put out a call for graduating students who love the Sandbar. Our next 2011 graduate profile is Tess. Read what she has to say about the bar below. Are you a Sandbar graduate this year? We'd love to hear your story, too!

Hello Sandbar!

I'm at 2011 graduate and I am your NUMBER 1 customer!

What's your favorite jukebox song? Lion King- Circle of Life. No one expects Lion King to come on. At first everyone is quiet and is in awe of the song choice and then everyone ends up belting out the song.  It's all about the shock effect.

SandbarTell us the funniest moment you remember at the Sandbar. Of course this moment happened during a  hurricane. My friend Meg had a full tray of popcorn and got so excited and threw the tray over her arms, popcorn going every which way on random people.

Remember the first time you came to the bar? Tell us your first impression. First time I came in I thought it was like a MCDONALDS FOR ADULTS. Toys, toys, toys.

What's your drink of choice? Jersey Shore because of the sweet Kanye Glasses. I wear them on sunny days. It really helps shade the rays.

What are you doing after graduation? After I graduate I'll be in Kansas City interning at KCTV5.

How many hours have you waited in line? The hours I WOULD wait would be indefinite.