It's been well over a week since Jimmy Buffett and his "Welcome to Fin Land" tour stopped in Kansas City at the Sprint Center, and we hope you've enjoyed our recap of the extravaganza. If you missed it, read about the pre-pre-party, the pre-party at Power and Light and our bar-dancing escapade at Pizza Bar.

Now, for the main event.

Jimmy Buffett in the Sprint Center was interesting and different. Lots of us had seen a Buffett show before, but for many of us, our previous concert experiences were outdoors in an amphitheater after a day of tailgating in the parking lot.

Dave commented that the stage setup didn't seem all that fancy. In fact, his actual words were something like "Our St. Patrick's Day parade floats are fancier than that." Sure, it was just a couple beach umbrellas and a fence, with a backdrop that changed scenery for almost every song.

I'm not going to rehash the entire set list here, mostly because I enjoyed the show instead of taking notes. If you want to read a good review of the show, check out this one. It even includes a set list.

A couple of random observations:

  • Sprint Center could sell a LOT more beer if they would open up more stations. Dave and Pat were annoyed by the amount of time they waited in line for a beer. Surely there are people willing to man the stations, and the income they generated would surely outweigh the payroll cost.
  • The hats were funny. The guy in front of Dave was wearing a contraption that included a plastic cup. Dave kept trying to drink out of it, and I thought it was empty. Until the guy sat down in his seat so hard the cup fell out, and the beer in it went straight into Dave's shoe. Karma?
  • Our party bus crew was very good at following directions. Everyone was back at the bus right after the concert, we didn't have to look for anyone and we didn't leave anyone behind.

We headed back to Lawrence, unloaded the buses and partied on at the Sandbar. It was a great night for the patio!