Last Saturday, downtown Lawrence was inadvertently the host of yet another crazy event: the Running of the Bullsh*tters.

This themed pub crawl required costumes (of course!) and was the brainchild of former Sandbar staffer Erick. He traveled to Spain last year and saw the famous Running of the Bulls, and decided that if we can't have exactly that in Lawrence, this was the next best thing.

Participants were asked to wear white pants, white shirts and red sashes. A lucky few were selected to be the bulls.

The pub crawl started off at the Sandbar and then the bulls herded everyone south to the Granada:

20110507_runningofthebulls_0017 20110507_runningofthebulls_0023

A cardboard cut-out of Michael Jordan that was inexplicably in the Sandbar's upstairs office made the trek, too. Someone apparently found humor in having a member of the Chicago Bulls along for the ride and his likeness was taped to a wooden oar.

Stops included the newly-reopened Jefferson's, the downtown Lawrence sign at the corner of 6th and Massachusetts and then a trip across the river to Johnny's.

20110507_runningofthebulls_0021 20110507_runningofthebulls_0036

Erick did a great job organizing this fun adventure. The weather was great and everyone enjoyed running (or walking) along Massachusetts, enjoying food and drink at some of our favorite places.

Maybe we'll do it again next year!