Please excuse the brief interruption of the Jimmy Buffett Extravaganza while we tell you about the second charity event we participated in over the weekend. (It was a busy weekend, if you couldn't tell already!)

Our staff and friends have participated in Bowl for Kids Sake, a fundraiser for Douglas County Big Brothers Big Sisters, for a number of years now. This year, a new event was added: a special bowling day for the hospitality industry, with teams from bars, restaurants and liquor stores.

The Sandbar put together a team full of not-very-good bowlers and one ace bowler. We had a great time bowling, even though most of us were tired from the Buffett concert the night before. Bartender Heather and her husband Ken celebrated their one year wedding anniversary, and the lucky couple both won gift certificates at the event! They prompty exchanged "gifts," as Becki pointed out that the first year's gift is, in fact, supposed to be paper.


We were amused that the team next to us was "Team Super Dave." It was not a rogue team captained by our own Super Dave, who served as a cheerleader instead, along with Jana and Bettina.

It was a great event, and the Bowl For Kids Sake committee deserves a round of applause for their dedication!