It's almost that time again- graduation in Lawrence!

Every year, our graduation pint glasses are a popular gift item. And since we've been outsourcing our pint glass designs to our customers, the glasses have been even more popular.

We're looking for a great design to commemorate Graduation 2011.Picture 3

Here's what last year's design looked like. Keep in mind, KU isn't the only school in town, and we also can't use any licensed images, like a Jayhawk. The design needs to be a pretty generic graduation design, though it should have a Sandbar flair!

There's no need to incorporate the Sandbar logo, because that will be on the other side of the glass.

Also, the design should be fairly simple, black and white line art. You don't have to be a design student or a professional to do this! Anyone can submit an idea, and if we like it and it's suitable for printing on a glass, we'll use it.

You'll get a pack of pint glasses and a T-shirt along with our eternal thanks and fifteen minutes of internet fame.

If you've got a design idea, email it to us at We'd like to have the glasses available for purchase by around May 10, so the sooner we can get the design ready the better.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!