St. Patrick's Day isn't just a day for us- it's several months worth of planning, creating, building, sewing and dancing that all lead up to one fantastic day of fun.

Float construction has been non-stop for the past few weeks, and our float is almost finished. A mini-sweatshop has been set up at Dave's house, and the costumes are ready. We've mixed and re-mixed our music until it's perfect.

20110313_floatbuilding_0017 The "beeramid." This is how the construction crew is keeping track of their progress on the float. Apparently, it's not accurate, because the beeramid crashed one day.

It's finally the week of the big event, and we've got float practice, spray tan appointments and socials with other float-building teams scheduled this week. Yes, we really do have float practice.

And, the weather forecast shows a high of 70 degrees for Thursday.

We can't wait!