Every once in awhile, a new picture of a Sandbar shirt in some faraway land just appears on the wall, with no note or anything. We love those surprises!

This picture was one of them. It's been one the wall for about six months now. I assumed it was from someplace exotic, but had no idea where.

The other day when I was rearranging the wall to make more space for pictures, a couple walked in to take some pictures. While the man was walking around the bar taking pictures, his female companion asked if I was taking all pictures down. I explained what I was doing, and then she pointed to this picture and said "that's him!" 

Pretty random that the guy in the picture would walk in, right when I was moving his picture around on the wall! And as it turns out, he had written his name and the place on the back of the picture, so I would have discovered it was taken in Kathmandu in a matter of minutes anyway.

Thanks Warren for sharing the photo with us, and for sporting a Sandbar shirt halfway around the world!