Everybody knows St. Patrick's Day is our favorite holiday. But it's not just about the parade on March 17; we love all the events leading up to the parade, too. And one of our favorite events is the annual Pub Quiz trivia night.

Former Sandbar-tender Scottie Mack organizes this event every year, and Andy from Channel 6's One on One trivia hosts it. We see many of the same teams every year- Johnny's, the team everybody likes to pick on (or smack), We Are The World Company, Tabula Rasa and lots of others. Of course there are some new teams each year.

Last night found our team at the Eagles Lodge, holding our own against some of the smartest people in town. Between our American history experts and our gossip column buffs, we had it covered.

There was controversy- who knew there was a Massachusetts Street behind Johnny's?- and there was "that guy" who always yells out the answer when it's another team's question.

There was an amazing brisket buffet and lots of prizes, including a basketball signed by the 2011 KU men's team.

And most of all, there was fun.

Speaking of fun, let's see how many of you know this, the final question:

In 1929, America heard him say "hot dogs."

We wagered 1073 points on the final question. We lost. Herbert Hoover is not the answer.

For more fun, do you know the significance of 1073? It's not just a random number we picked.