Dave spends a lot of time at the bar working, but he spends a lot of time playing there also. Friday night was our friend Michelle's birthday, and naturally shenanigans at the Sandbar were on the night's list.

Michelle wanted to be the mermaid for the 10 p.m. hurricane, but no one else wanted to get on the bar with her. And since there's two costumes, we always think they both need to be worn, so finally Dave volunteered to be the second mermaid.

Unfortunately, he got the short mermaid dress:

20110218_michelle_bday_0004 20110218_michelle_bday_0006

The mermaid dress was more like a mermaid miniskirt on Dave. And of course, no costume is complete without a rainbow wig and shutter shades.

Dave and Michelle did a fine job performing the hurricane ritual on the bar, and after the storm was over Dave led the bar in a round of "Happy Birthday" for the birthday girl.


More birthday festivities will probably happen next weekend, too. Don't forget, stop by the Sandbar on your birthday and get a free tiara as a birthday gift!