We started our Sandbar "Wall of Fame" project a couple years ago- it's a small section of the wall by the popcorn machine, covered in corkboard and photos of people wearing Sandbar shirts all over the world.

People are really starting to get into this project and we're getting more and more pictures, which is awesome! The problem is, we were running out of space on the wall, and some of the pictures that were on there were fun pictures, but weren't of Sandbar shirts.

The other day I spent some time taking all the pictures down and sorting through them. Most of them went back up on the wall, and the others will find a new home somewhere else. There's not a lot of empty space, but there's still room for you!

If you've got a picture of you wearing your Sandbar shirt somewhere other than Lawrence, we want to see it. You can email it to us at sandbar@thesandbar.com, post it on our Facebook page, tweet it to us or just print it out and stick it on the wall. Can't wait to see it!