We get a lot of applications and resumes dropped off at the bar. From college students to professional people looking for a second job to graduates of bartending schools, there are no shortage of people in Lawrence who want to tend bar.

Often, Dave finds scraps of paper around his office and behind the bar with names and phone numbers scribbled on them, along with availability to work. And sometimes, we even get fancy resumes bound in folders with pictures of the person.

The other day, Dave was cleaning his office and throwing stuff away. He had a whole pile of old applications and resumes to shred, but since there's not a shredder in the office he brought them home. (We care about keeping your information safe from identity thieves.)

I flipped through the stack out of curiosity and quickly realized the pile contained great blog material.

So, coming soon, some of the great lines people use when they apply for a job in a bar. Not to worry, no names or other identifying information will be revealed. Stay tuned.