Awhile back we found ourselves without a mermaid costume for the first time in eight years. We quickly got a new one, but it got us thinking about how many costumes have disappeared over the years. Probably at least 20.

One of the funnier stories about missing costumes involves the ones we actually got back.

Several years ago, some ladies stole several costumes from the Sandbar in Ottawa. A Sandbar family member- I think it was Peach's brother Patrick, if I'm wrong, sorry to whoever's not getting credit here- found out who it was, and heard through the grapevine that these ladies would be at a wedding reception with the costumes.

Patrick played detective (not hard in a small town) and found out when and where the reception was. And he showed up. He walked in to the reception, saw the women all dressed up in the mermaid costumes and promptly demanded them back.

They refused.

That's right, they refused to give back costumes they had stolen from us. Patrick then suggested that he call the local police to settle the matter. The women finally gave in and gave up the costumes.

And that's how we got back at least a couple of our stolen treasures.

(This story is as accurate as I can remember it. Please don't steal our stuff.)