Since I publicly committed to blogging daily here during January, and since I've kind of run out of things to write about (for now), I put out a plea to the staff. I sent them a list of random questions and begged them to answer them so I could profile them here.

Danny was the first (and so far the only) one to answer me.

Way back in 2007, we profiled Danny for the first time. A lot of things change in three years…and some things don't.

How long you have you worked here? Since May 2005

What's your favorite drink to drink? Jameson+rocks

What's your favorite drink to make?  I think I make a mean margarita. (He does. And I would know.)

Most unusual drink request?  Calimocho…red wine and cola equal parts…shockingly enough I already knew how to make it because of a guy I met in the climbing club at KU who was from Spain.  The lady that ordered it was equally shocked that I didn't need any clarification.

Favorite memory at the bar:  I worked a SLOW Tuesday and Bill Self made an appearance.  While he was there he bought 2 bottles of Miller Lite and tipped me $20 for each one.  If only everyone tipped that way!

Tell us a funny story from the bar: Sandbar Christmas party 2009…Hayley gave me a wedgie, and when I feigned that I was going to retaliate, she yelled for help…Joe, who was behind the bar, quickly responded by spraying me in the face…..with Sprite.  I was still sticky when I woke up the next morning.  Good times.

Other things Danny does when not working at the Sandbar:  Nursing school, running, fundraising like a bat out of hell for MS (, pretend musician for $ellout!

What's your favorite jukebox song? Van Morrison – Cleanin' Windows

What's the song you never want to hear again?  Disney, Save a Horse…

Thanks Danny! And here's a picture from the aforementioned 2009 Christmas party:


What staff member do you want to learn about next?