Welcome to 2011, everybody! All of us at the Sandbar hope you had a great celebration last night, whether you stayed home, went out or partied with us.

Our wig party was a smashing success! What started out as an idea Dave borrowed from the band Lucero (he saw a reference to a wig party on one of their videos) turned into a fun party with lots of participation.

The bar's been busy all week (and we thank you for that!) and last night was no exception. By 9 p.m. the bar was full of New Year's revelers, and the local Channel 6 video reporter showed up too. There were also some Channel 6 staffers at the party…with wigs…but they successfully avoided my camera. We later watched ourselves on the Channel 6 newscast (I haven't been able to find a link to the video online to share.)

Here's a few pictures:


We had an early hurricane featuring the 21st birthday girl, Allie (or it might have been Hallie, sorry!).


You can see a few wigs in the crowd…


A lot of our staff members who weren't on the clock still came to the party last night, and surprisingly many of them were NOT wearing wigs. But our customers made up for their lack of costume- thanks to everyone who joined our fun and sported a wig!

We didn't take very many pictures last night, but you can see them on our Facebook page or Flickr page. If you have any to share we'd love to see them!