The Sandbar boys put together a fairly amazing gift for Dave this year: "The Men Behind the Bar," a calendar full of fun and sometimes outrageous pictures of the male bartenders, along with a few regulars.

We've talked about making a Sandbar calendar for a long time. Andrew finally came through and accomplished the task, and it was a huge hit. A second copy of the calendar made its way into our white elephant gift exchange, and we've talked about ordering more copies to sell.

Here's a glimpse at a few of the pictures in the calendar.


April: Sandbar art director Brother Pants, painting himself. He also conveniently marked his birthday in that month so Dave would never forget it. Even though their birthdays are a day apart.


July: Dave himself, floating the day away in his pool with his dog.


September: Tyler, our fearless bar band leader posing with his instrument of choice. For his white elephant gift, Tyler brought an autographed copy of this picture, along with the robe he wore in it.


December: Blair. I wasn't sure if I wanted to share this one, since the joke is on me too. But I figured it's funny and fairly harmless. This picture is from our staff Christmas party a couple years ago when everyone wore ugly Christmas sweaters and other stuff.

So, there you have a peek at four of the pictures from the now-legendary calendar. I was nice and asked the boys for permission to put their pictures on the internet. Of course, these were the first ones who said "Yes! Show it to the world!"

Perhaps we'll post more later.