Is more funny videos of Dave dancing around the bar dressed as Elvis Santa.

There was much dancing at Sunday's staff Christmas party. Fortunately a lot of it was caught on video. Unfortunately, some of the video was either too dark to be able to see or the subjects of the video really don't want their antics on the internet. Dave, however, doesn't care- so enjoy:

I particularly love the moment when Tyler dances his way into the video as if on cue.

Some of the other hilarious dance moments of the night:

  • Andrew, Tyler, Fyler and Dave singing and dancing behind the bar
  • Andrew and Dave doing their best Soulja Boy imitation on the bench
  • Fyler, Tyler and Andrew dancing to "Jump On It" behind the bar
  • Ken's rendition of "Old El Paso" that only comes out late, late at night

Of course, the ladies dance too. But somehow the boys dancing is funnier.