For years we've been collecting dozens of small wooden plaques with funny pictures and phrases on them, thanks to Lawrence resident Larry Colley. And for a long time, we've wondered what to do with them- hang them someplace special, give them to our favorite customers, use them as prizes- while they gathered dust upstairs in the office.

Dave finally found some bare wall space (imagine!), so we decided to make a "wall of fame" for the plaques so everyone can enjoy them. And, as a double bonus, it gives the ladies something to look at while waiting in line for the restroom.


Here's a quick picture of the first phase of the wall. Please forgive the crappy picture, all I had was my phone. I need to start carrying a real camera with me.

Now that we have a place to hang the plaques, we're anxiously awaiting for another set from Mr. Colley! Or for the cleaning fairies (or the Sandbar ghost) to clean the upstairs office, where dozens of these things could likely be hiding.