A couple months ago, Dave put up a shot wheel of fortune behind the bar. If you know Dave, you know his wheels (pardon the pun) are always turning and he's always coming up with new ideas, so of course he's already modified the shot wheel.

Introducing, the carnival shot! 


If you want to play this game, you get to throw darts behind the bar. Dave added a dart board to the mix. You throw two darts, and the two numbers they hit determine the two liquors in your shot. Then, the bartender spins the wheel to pick your mixer. Finally, they mix up your new, randomly created shot. It might be good; it might not.

The wheel still has the shot picker, for those of you who are too indecisive to pick your own. The bartender spins the wheel, and the outer ring of the wheel contains the names of our most popular shots. Whichever one the wheel lands on is the one you get.

Please don't hit the bartenders with the darts.