The Lawrence Journal-World featured an article the other day about Lawrence businesses expanding outside of Lawrence. Many prominent businesses were profiled, like Johnny’s, Quinton’s and and Ingredient, who have all taken their concept and opened additional restaurants in Kansas City and other places.

We were surprised to see our name mentioned in the article, too! A long time ago, we talked about opening more Sandbars outside of Lawrence. Peach opened one in Ottawa, but then decided to go in a different direction and open sandwich shops instead, calling them Sandbar Sub Shop.

Since she opened the first one several years ago, she’s begun a partnership with the folks at Zarco66 that has included opening Sub Shops inside their gas stations. So far, two franchise locations are open- one in Lawrence on East 23rd Street and the other in Ottawa- and a third one is set to open on 6th Street in Lawrence soon.

It’s fun and exciting to expand a business and take it in a different direction! But don’t worry, we aren’t changing anything about the original Sandbar in downtown Lawrence. Except maybe adding more stuff to our walls.

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