Last night featured a unique event at the Sandbar: a spray tan party on our fake beach.

Amelia of Premier Mobile Spray Tan brought her supplies and set up shop upstairs. All she needed? A tall, black pop-up tent and a paint-spraying contraption. She offers custom spray tans, which is much better than an automatic machine because she can see missed spots. No Ross or Snooki's here!

The whole process takes barely ten minutes. Disrobe to your comfort level- bathing suit, underwear, tank tops- and stand in the pop up tent while Amelia sprays on the color. It's kind of cold! Turn when she tells you to, close your eyes and breathe out when she sprays your face, and then you're tan.

The hardest part is the aftercare. No water on the skin for at least eight hours. That means no showers- which is difficult because you can feel the spray-on color constantly. It's sugar based and feels kind of sticky, no matter how dry it is, and all you want to do is get in the shower and scrub your skin. And, it's really hard to avoid all water- it also means no sweating and especially no puppy kisses.

But the end result is worth it! After showering the following day the color looks really great. It's smooth and even, not orange at all, and not so dark that it looks ridiculously fake. Just a nice, natural beachy glow.

We'll do more spray tan parties in the future, but in the meantime if you want to try it out, contact Amelia for an appointment!

Update: An endorsement from Michelle, a happy customer

I just wanted to say…I love my tan! This is the first time I've had a spray on tan and I've been getting compliments for two days now. People at work want to know what I've been up to over the weekend to get my tan, or have asked if I went on a vacation somewhere. I'm loving it! My birthmark came out a little darker than the rest of me, as expected, but not as dark as it is with a regular sun tan. The top of my feet never tan, just burn, and they turned out great when I saw them in the morning. I'm super happy with the results!