Using one of my favorite new tools for finding mentions of The Sandbar online (, I discovered a fun blog post written by an anonymous guy here in Lawrence that happens to mention our bar.

Jum (no idea if that's his real name, nickname or just something random he calls himself online so he can stay anonymous) made a sort-of Top 5 list of fictional bars that would be interesting to drink in. Sort-of, because there are six bars, not five. They're all bars you're familiar with from TV shows or movies.

The Sandbar is mentioned in #2, McLaren's from "How I Met Your Mother." This is a show I've never watched, I'm embarrassed to say, but I might have to tune in now just to check out their hangout.

Here's a little bit of what Jum had to say:

Music scene: TBD. The jukebox doesn't seem to get much play at McLaren's, but it seems like the kind of place where if you fired up some Neil Diamond or some Journey, within seconds, everyone would be cheers'ing each other and singing along. Very similar to the Sandbar here in Lawrence in that by the end of the night, you can conceivably be friends with almost every patron in the bar because of its cozy, intimate layout.

We think his description of The Sandbar is right on. Check out the full blog post here, and leave him a comment to let him know what you think. Who knows, maybe he'll talk about The Sandbar again- or even better, reveal himself to us!