Down at the Sandbar, we love us some Jimmy John's. They're open late, they deliver and they're freaky fast. What more could you want when you're starving late at night, mopping up a mess and washing dishes, when you'd rather be home in bed?

Andrew started working the door at the bar the day he turned 18. Also that day, he began calling Jimmy John's for late-night sustenance. He's ordered the same exact thing, at least three times a week, for three years now.

Andrew's been dreaming of the day he calls, gives just his name and location, and the employee knows exactly what order to put in without him saying another word.

It happened. Sort of.

Andrew was busy sweeping the sidewalk or doing some other thankless closing task, so Dave made the nightly call.

Dave: I need to put in an order for Sandbar

JJ: Is this for Andrew? Bootlegger, no veggies?

Dave: <stunned silence> Yep.

Andrew's dream finally came true. And it only took three years.

(We've got another funny story about Jimmy John's. We'll share that one another day.)