We had a great time at the United Way's Campaign Kickoff Carnival!

The event was moved to Abe & Jake's at the last minute because of the gloomy, rainy weather in Lawrence, but a good crowd still turned out for carnival games and food. Baby Jay made an appearance! (And took a picture with a little kid in our pirate cut-out! We're waiting for a better picture to share.)

Our bag toss games kept a bunch of kids entertained in the corner.  We handed out a few free Sandbar t-shirts, too. Everyone at the event got free Live United t-shirts, and then the crowd gathered in the main area for a group photo.

Some of us are a little disappointed that the venue change meant there wouldn't be a pie-throwing contest. Dave was volunteered to be a target, and we found out earlier today that Friday bartender Phil was also going to be in it. Someone was watching out for them!

Here's a few pictures of us clowning around at the event.


If you've been around Dave much, you know how he likes to take these circle group photos. We all put our clown noses on to pose for a picture, and then we took turns in the pirate and mermaid cut-outs.

We're proud to be a part of community events like these.