We got a new pile of wood signs a few weeks ago, and we've received loads of them over the past several years, but up until a little over a year ago, we had no idea who was leaving them.

The Lawrence Journal-World ran a story about Larry Colley, the artist. But we've still never managed to catch him leaving the gifts at the door. Until now. Sort of anyway.

Dave and I took our crazy dog to the annual Pooch Plunge at the local swimming pool on Tuesday. Dave wore a Sandbar shirt since that's what he wears 95% of the time. While Lucy was romping in the pool and scaring little kids, an older gentleman approached Dave and introduced himself.

Yep, Mr. Colley was at the Pooch Plunge! He noticed Dave's shirt and decided to let us know who he was. We even took a picture:



Thanks Mr. Colley for all the fun little gifts! We're working on finding space on our wall to start hanging more of them up- like a wall of fame.