By now everyone's seen the silly handcrafted wooden signs that a talented woodworker leaves at businesses around town. We've probably received close to a hundred of these just at the Sandbar. Recently, a few more appeared.

20100822_wood plaques_0001 

20100822_wood plaques_0002

The one just above might be my favorite so far. The right side is an actual photo of the building, and Dave thinks he remembers seeing the guy out taking pictures of the building one day.

Any creative suggestions for what we should do with these? Obviously, we don't have much wall space. We can squeeze a few more of them on the wall somewhere, but we'd like to share these with people who would appreciate them. The Lawrence Humane Society turned their plaques into a fundraiser. We're not a charity and we're not looking to make money off them, but if anyone has a great idea for a fun way to share these, let us know. Maybe we'll start covering our upstairs walls…