Lots of bartenders and doorpeople have made their way through the Sandbar in our storied 21-year history. Some have stayed in touch and others have dropped out of sight. Still others are still working here and will probably never leave.

We've been graced by the presence of several far-flung folks this past week, and we were thrilled to welcome them back, if only for a short time.

Drew, AKA "Steel Wolf," showed up recently. His friend Brian tipped us off to his appearance first on Twitter, and fortunately Dave was working when they showed up at the bar. We haven't seen Drew for a long time- he's been in Asia for several years now teaching English and traveling. He's back in the States now for grad school and engaged to be married. 

Rumor has it that Jake was in the other night. Dave missed him, but he'll be back later this week for his buddy John's wedding. Back when Jake and John worked here, we rarely saw one without the other. Jake and John took off for Australia shortly after they graduated, and at the end of their tour John came home while Jake continued his travels. He's been in China the past few years teaching English.

(What is it with the Sandbar that leads people to teach English in Asian countries?!?)

And John. We haven't spotted him yet, but it's only a matter of time. John lives in Houston now, and he's getting married this weekend in Lawrence to the lovely Natalie, who he dated through most of college. Natalie somehow got through college without ever experiencing the wonders of the indoor hurricane- and you know what that means. Special wedding hurricane, just for her.