Yesterday we talked about Saturday's Unlock Lawrence scavenger hunt, and we mentioned a fun addition we had for the day. Today, we'll tell you what it was: a photobooth!

The owner of the SayCheez photobooth franchise in Lawrence contacted us before our block party to see if we wanted a free photobooth for the night. Well of course we did! We had a photobooth at last year's block party and it was a huge hit. However, the scorching heat of block party day wasn't optimal for printing photo strips, and we didn't have room to set it up inside, so we decided to do it during the scavenger hunt instead. The Lawrence Busker Fest was also happening, so downtown was a busy place on Saturday.

The photobooth was up and ready by 11 a.m., and Dave hid the treasure box of keys inside the booth. Every team who stopped by looking for their next key and riddle had to step inside the photobooth and pose for funny pictures before they could get their key.

The booth comes with a box of silly props, like hats and glasses. The operator counts down so you know when to "say cheez," and then he prints out a photo strip with three color pictures on it. 

We're thinking of bringing back the photobooth for another night soon. It would have be upstairs on a weekend night, since it took up most of the space in the front of the bar. What do you think?


If you have a party or event coming up that you'd like to rent the photobooth for, be sure to check out their website and give them a call!