When we launched our hurricane video contest last month, we expected to be overwhelmed with entries. After all, we only asked for ten seconds of something semi-funny, and these days everyone has access to a video camera on their phone or camera. And everyone and their mother has a suggestion for the video.

However. We've only received three entries in the contest from two different people. And while they're fine entries, we'd rather have too many to choose from.

Free subs for a year, people! How does that not entice you to film something, anything!?!

For those of you who are creatively challenged, we present a list of "what not to do in a hurricane."

  • Don't dance outdoors in a hurricane. (You might lose your clothes.)
  • Don't attempt outdoor baking in a hurricane. (You'll end up covered in flour.)
  • Don't ask for a girl's number in a hurricane. (The number will blow away.)
  • Don't put a dollar bill on the wall in a hurricane. (It will blow away.)
  • Don't try to make a sandwich during a hurricane. (Food fight!)
  • Don't style your hair during a hurricane. (You'll just make it worse.)
  • Don't drink a Shark Attack during a hurricane. (Cherry juice everywhere!)
  • Don't pour beer during a hurricane. (Save the beer!)
  • Don't throw a frisbee in a hurricane. (It'll boomerang back at you.)
  • Don't surf during a hurricane. (You'll lose your board.)
  • Don't walk your dog in a hurricane. (You'll lose your dog.)
  • Don't be a flair bartender in a hurricane. (You'll lose your bottles.)

Some of these have been done, most have not. That should get you started. Remember, it doesn't have to make sense. This is the Sandbar after all. If it's funny, it works for us.

You could be a star!