Our very first hurricane video.

Way back in 2001, Peach came up with the crazy idea for an indoor hurricane. Who would have thought that nine years later, we'd be working on our seventh video and still blowing napkins around the bar every night?

Many of you probably weren't around in 2001 when the first video debuted. Lucky for you, we still have a copy of it. Unlucky for those of you with motion sickness issues, we only have a copy on DVD that we couldn't figure out how to convert and upload to YouTube. Instead, we played it on our TV and recorded the screen with a Kodak zi8. Yeah, we're professional.

The original video was filmed and edited by some random guy that Peach found. It featured anchorman Dave; hurricane expert Patrick; man on the street Pat; and mayor (for real) Marty. And Knobbie from the Wheel makes a cameo appearance; see if you can find him.

Be sure to watch for the VH-1 style pop-up videos with fun facts.

We originally planned for the large fish tank to be part of the show- a storm was supposed to take place in the tank, but we couldn't ever get it to work right. Anyone remember that?

Oh, and the song! Our original hurricane song was set to the tune of Copa Cabana and sung by Peach and our friend Showtime.

Here it is, in all its ridiculous glory:

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