Shark Week, the week-long Discovery Channel series, starts Sunday!

Shark Week started in 1987 and is held annually in late July/early August. We've never celebrated it at the Sandbar because it sneaks up on us every year. Not this year!

Shark Week kicks off tomorrow with "Ultimate Air Jaws" at 8 p.m. CST, followed by "Into the Shark Bite" which give you close up views of shark attacks from inside the shark's mouth. Check out the full Shark Week episode guide to find your favorite shows.

Sunday morning at 11:30 a.m., a live, interactive dive tour kicks off on the "Shark Cam," followed by tiger, hammerhead and whale shark feedings.

The Shark Week website has all kinds of cool stuff: shark facts, games, and you can even Shark Yourself! Upload a picture of yourself or someone else and add eyes, a mouth and other shark features. 

Stop by this week and watch some Shark Week features with us! Our signature drink, the Shark Attack, is $2 on Tuesday and $3 on Thursday; all other days it's $4. Happy Shark Week!