We've got a lot of stuff on our walls, but Dave always manages to squeeze more stuff up there if it's worthy. We think you'll like the latest addition.

When Dave, Andrew and Joe were in Vegas last month, they went to Diablo's on the Strip. The bar had a spinning wheel they used for specials- different shots and drinks listed on the wheel, and the staff would spin the wheel every half hour. Whatever they landed on was the special for that next half hour.

 Dave was inspired by the wheel, but of course it had to be adapted for Kansas and our strict liquor laws. Any special we run has to be the same all day, we can't change prices during the day.

20100711_shotwheel_0003We get a lot of people who come in and want to have a round of shots with their group, but they don't know what they want. Bartenders always have a go-to shot, but it gets boring suggesting Alabama Slammers all the time.

So, here's our version of Diablo's wheel.

It has different shots- from Dirty Bananas to Big Wave Daves and Tootsie Rolls to all the flavored Skittle vodka shots. The bartender spins the wheel, and whatever it lands on, that's the shot. It's not a game, and the prices aren't any different than normal; it's just a fun interactive way to help customers decide. 

Stop by and let us know what you think!