Joe's getting married in September. Andrew just turned 21. Those two "factors" combined into one trip to Las Vegas. But first, everyone had to get there…

Dave, Andrew and Frank left Kansas City on a Friday. Joe took a different flight out of KCI that day, and he was flying alone because everyone else was scared to take the same plane had conflicts with his schedule.

Here's where "the Factor" struck.

As Joe's plane approached the Denver airport and attempted to land, a microburst hit. And you thought microbursts were made-up weather occurrences that only hit Lawrence! This one apparently hit the plane, because Joe said people were tossed around and getting sick and everything.

The plane was diverted to Colorado Springs because the FAA issued a ground stop at the Denver airport. The plane was almost out of fuel and couldn't go to another airport or continue on to Vegas.  Joe said they were stuck waiting in the plane for four hours before refueling and flying back to Denver. 

Of course, as Joe's luck would have it, there weren't any more flights to Vegas Friday night. And the wonderful airline didn't offer to put him up in a hotel room, so the poor bachelor spent part of his bachelor party weekend sleeping in the Denver airport. (Trust me, that's not a party. I've been there. Literally.)

Joe finally made it to Vegas on Saturday, where he happily celebrated with Dave, Andrew, Frank and twenty of his closest friends.

We love you, Joe, and we're glad you're home safe now.