20090509_Ottawa Decor_0004Way back in 2003, when our hurricane attraction was barely a year old, Peach decided we needed our own song.

Peach got together with local musician Dusty Workman, and he called on his contacts. The two of them worked with Eddie Kilgallon, a Nashville musician and songwriter, and co-wrote the Sandbar Song. We never actually gave the song a name, it's just the Sandbar Song.

Since one of our most loved traditions is the ceremonial signing of a dollar bill, Peach, Dusty and Eddie created their own dollar bill artwork. Our art director and owner of local frame shop Fast Frame, Justin, created this collage for us.

The top dollar is a tribute to Peach, the leader of the fun; the middle dollar has the most popular phrase of the song "Meet you down at the Sandbar, yea!" and Eddie's signature; and the bottom dollar is signed by Dusty. 

Pictures of the trio are in the middle of the frame. This collage hangs at the Sandbar in Ottawa.