Last week the Sandbar Sub Shop in downtown Ottawa got a facelift! Or, should we say, a floorlift…

You might recall that several years ago we replaced the floor in the women's bathroom at the Sandbar in Lawrence. Brand new wood-like vinyl flooring took the place of the worn-out laminate that had been there forever. The "wood" floor held up so well that Peach decided to put it in the Sub Shop.

Dave, Ted and our friend/contractor Jeff worked for several hours in the Sub Shop, with some help from Peach and her brother Patrick. They replaced the floor throughout the entire Sub Shop with vinyl wood plank flooring, and it looks fantastic. Dave said it didn't take nearly as long to install as they thought it would, either.

Check it out:

20100619_new floor_0002
20100619_new floor_0003

They also built a bench along the south wall of the shop (where Dave's sitting in the picture!). It's similar to the benches along the walls of the Sandbar. It allow for a little more seating in the shop.

If you haven't been to the Sandbar Sub Shop, it's worth the drive to Ottawa. And next month, we're opening one in Lawrence! Peach has partnered with Scott from Zarco66, and he's opening Sandbar Sub Shops in his gas station. He's got one up and running in Ottawa already, and the 23rd Street station is next on the list. 

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