A few nights ago, Dave and Andrew were holding down the fort at the Sandbar when the phone rang. It was a woman calling from Texas to tell them she was watching them on the webcam.

We get these calls occasionally, and usually they're creepy- some weird guy who merely says "I'm watching you" as if he expects a reaction other than "okay….so?" Or the time when some guy called in the middle of the afternoon to say he'd just been in the bar, and could he please talk to the blond girl sitting at the end of the bar, because he'd been talking to her when he was there? Dave said no. "That's my wife, and you weren't just here talking to her because we aren't even open yet." That's the kind of creepy we usually get.

But this caller from Texas was fun. Dave and Andrew created a quick sign for them:


They held it up in front of the webcam to say "hi" to our Texan voyeurs. Thanks, guys!