This shark picture frame is one of the millions of items that hang out on our walls. We love sharing the stories behind our decor, when we can remember them.

Several years ago, a woman who worked (or maybe still does) at Lake Perry brought a group of friends and family to the Sandbar on a regular basis. Her dad lived in California, and he'd come to Kansas for extended visits during the summers to see his daughter.

The group loved drinking Shark Attacks, and they collected all their sharks and sent them back to California with dad. He strung them up and used them to decorate a bar he built in his garage (or maybe his basement, the details are a little fuzzy).

One day, the woman came in and told Dave that her father had passed away. She'd taken several pictures of their family wearing Sandbar shirts or drinking here and created a collage frame- complete with beads and sharks glued around the edges.

She asked Dave if he would hang the picture in the bar as a memorial tribute to her dad, and of course Dave agreed.

20080204 shark family tribute

The picture frame hangs in the front of the bar near the windows. Check it out next time you're here.