201002_tyler_dominicanrepublic 1 Sandbar friend and regular Michelle (wife of Brother Pants, our art director and picture framer) is a nurse by day. Actually, she got some publicity for that recently- not only was a story about her career change on the front page, but a ginormous picture of her in nursing action was there too. Check it out here.


One of Michelle's interests outside of her paid nursing job is mission trips. She's taken several trips, starting back in nursing school when she went on a spring break trip to Mexico. She had to miss the annual St. Patrick's Day parade to participate in that trip, so you know she's dedicated to nursing.

Earlier this spring, she made a repeat trip to the Dominican Republic with a group of nurses and doctors. They worked with women's health care needs for about a week. But it wasn't all work- there was a little bit of time for play. Another friend of ours who is also a nurse- Tyler- was on this trip too, and they took some time to pose in their Sandbar shirts on the beach.

201002_michelle_dominicanrepublic 1

Michelle has spent the past week in Guatemala on yet another nursing mission trip. We hope she took her Sandbar shirt along for more pictures.