I find all sorts of interesting things on Twitter these days, which has become my go-to source for news and events happening both locally and nationally. After KU's commencement weekend, I looked at tweets that were tagged with the #kugrad hashtag, and I found a lovely poem.

A KU alumna named Erica, who now lives in Colorado, was back in town for her brother's graduation. She was inspired to write this poem about all the things she loves about KU. And, guess what? The Sandbar got a mention! And she said she also has a bunch of sharks in her apartment now.

Here's a link to her blog, where the poem appeared.

An Alumnus Returns

The yellow, blue and pink
Of brilliant Lawrence skies
Fraser Hall marks the skyline
What a sight for homesick eyes

Chiming Campanile bells
In rhythm with my heartbeat
Green trees, Mom and Pop shops
Line up and down Mass Street

Memories come washing back
Ghosts floating on the hill
And as I haunt my old halls
I've got that nostalgic thrill

The sand and waves at Clinton Lake
Brick road – Ohio Street
Fratters with Coors at The Wheel
Sperry's on all their feet

Schooners at Louise's
Playing in the Chi-O fountain
Walking up steep 14th street
Feeling like it's a mountain

Graffitied desks in Wescoe Hall
Allen Fieldhouse student stampede
Wave the wheat for touchdowns
Tailgating BBQ/beer feed

Boulevard Wheat at Quinton's
Shark attack at the Sandbar
Cave's no replacement for Crossing
Take Saferide, not your car

Musky smell of a frat house
Themed parties with sorority
Friends who have touched my life
Rock chalk chanting with me

Crimson and blue is what I bleed
A Jayhawk, true and tried
Once you've got it, it only grows
Nothing like Kansas pride

Limestone buildings standing proud
Towering over the blue
My Alma Mater, traditions strong
Hail to old KU

Doesn't that bring tears to your eyes? It captures so many great things about Lawrence and KU- it's a perfect tribute!