In honor of the rainy weather we've had all week and the hot, sunny temperatures expected for the weekend, we bring you one of the highlights of summertime beer-drinking: a patio.

If you haven't been to the Sandbar in Ottawa, you're missing out. Sure, the bar was created in an old Taco Bell building, but after seven years, you'd never know it.

One of the great things about our sister location is the fabulous patio out front. It's gone through a lot of changes since the bar opened, and it was significantly improved once the smoking ban in Ottawa was passed and the smokers needed a fun place to go.

And this is the best kind of patio, because it's all-weather; it's covered and semi-enclosed to help block the wind and cold, and there's lots of tables and chairs. And a foosball table! Our signature decor hangs all over the walls, too.


Check it out sometime. Sometime this summer we'll schedule a volleyball game on the beach in Ottawa, and take a bunch of you down there for drinks on the patio.