Last week, we posted a request
on this blog, Twitter, & Facebook for Sandbar graduates- college
students who frequent the Sandbar and are gra
duating this spring,
leaving Lawrence and the Sandbar behind (or not, in some cases).

We've profiled graduates in the past, usually employees because
they have to answer my questions if they want to keep their job (not
really), but this year we got lots of responses from graduating
customers. We're excited to share their stories with you!

Today's Graduate: Brenna. You might remember her as being the one who wrote this fabulous article about Dave.

What's your favorite Sandbar jukebox song? Bonus points if you tell us why.

Tossup between Abba ("Does Your Mother Know") and Under the Sea. My friends make fun of me for my ridiculous music choice outside of the bar, and it's awesome I can listen to these songs in there. Plus, who doesn't know the words to the Disney song?

Remember the first time you came here? Tell us your first impression.

My first time there was on my 21st birthday. I'd heard so many great things from older friends 
about it that I had to go (picture on right). I had an awesome time and did my first hurricane…I believe I'm at five now. I always have fun at the Sandbar when I go because it's  got great music and I love the shark attacks! Now, whenever friends come to town from far away, we go to the Sandbar (picture on left). It's definitely got the most memories of any bar in town.

Also, one time my IMG_5309dad came to town on a Wednesday night and wanted to go to the bars I go to. We went to the Sandbar at about 7:30, and me, my boyfriend and him were there with like two other people at the bar. My dad got a shark attack and then a Sandbar shirt. It was great to show him where I go, because he was at KU 30 years ago.

What's your drink of choice? The one you'll miss the most?IMG_5370

Like I said, I love the shark attacks! I have so many sharks it's ridiculous. My third picture is one time when I was given a bouquet of sharks.

Tell us what you're doing after you graduate- sticking around town? Moving on to greener pastures?

I'm sticking around and working at the LJWorld. 

How many hours have you waited in line?

I tend to plan to come early enough so I don't have to. I know how busy it gets 🙂