Last week, we posted a request
on this blog, Twitter, & Facebook for Sandbar graduates- college
students who frequent the Sandbar and are gra
duating this spring,
leaving Lawrence and the Sandbar behind (or not, in some cases).

We've profiled graduates in the past, usually employees because
they have to answer my questions if they want to keep their job (not
really), but this year we got lots of responses from graduating
customers. We're excited to share their stories with you!

Today's profile features Vanessa, a regular for quite some time now.

What's your favorite Sandbar jukebox song? Bonus points if you tell us why.

I absolutely love “Fishing in the Dark.” I didn’t know the song very well before numerous trips to the Sandbar. Now I love singing along and joking about its double meaning with my friends!

Tell us the funniest moment you remember at The Sandbar- whether it involves you or not.

It’s hard for me to pick just one favorite funny moment from the Sandbar, but if I was forced to  pick one I would say it was it happened during my sIMG_9782orority’s moms’ weekend last year. A large group of us wanted to take our moms to the Sandbar. One girl’s mom was already a big fan of the Sandbar (because her son had worked there a few years ago) and insisted on buying a Hurricane. So here we are six girls on the bar with one mom in the mermaid outfit having the time of her life. We not only danced to the Hurricane but also to “Working at the Car Wash” and “Shake your Tail feathers.”

Remember the first time you came here? Tell us your first impression.

I could probably pin down the exact date of my first Sandbar experience, but I will approximate it as early December 2008. I had wanted to visit the Sandbar IMG_0137for quite some time but having an early birthday makes it hard when none of your friends are 21. Finally a few of us were all 21, and we set off to the Sandbar. I immediately felt like I had been transported to an island oasis. I am a big fan of beaches and warm weather so anything to make December in Kansas seem a little warmer was a big plus for me. Pretty much from that point on Sandbar became my favorite bar and still is today!

What's your drink of choice? The one you'll miss the most? 

My drink of choice is Landshark. I love the fact it is on tap, but I could probably get a Landshark somewhere else so I will pick another. The Shark Attack is by far IMG_1160my favorite tropical drink from the Sandbar. It is more than just the drink I like. It is the whole experience  of the drink. I love tipping my little shark upside down to mix the grenadine into the blue liquid. Also what is not to love about getting a free toy?!

Tell us what you're doing after you graduate- sticking around town? Moving on to greener pastures?

Graduation, yikes! Is it really next weekend? Anyways, I am spending my final summer in Lawrence before heading off to Los Angeles. Keeping my fingers crossed, I will find a job in public relations.

How many hours have you waited in line?

 I have waited many of hours in line at the Sandbar. Two of my longest waits actually happened in one weekend. Homecoming brings a lot of alums back to KU, which means longer lines, but both hour waits were completely worth it once inside! I have discovered if you come around 9:30, the line is usually fairly short!