Last week, we posted a request
on this blog, Twitter, & Facebook for Sandbar graduates- college
students who frequent the Sandbar and are gra
duating this spring,
leaving Lawrence and the Sandbar behind (or not, in some cases).

We've profiled graduates in the past, usually employees because
they have to answer my questions if they want to keep their job (not
really), but this year we got lots of responses from graduating
customers. We're excited to share their stories with you!

Today's graduate: Katy, a Tropical Thursday regular

This spring semester, me and two of my best friends decided we were not going to miss a tropical Thursday  at the Sandbar. So, for the whole
semester, every Thursday the three of us went to the
26534_799724378939_16832330_44358110_8222072_nSandbar, usually
with our Bahama Mama glasses in hand and bellied up to the bar for a
few drinks. It is one our favorite places in Lawrence and really has
become a home away from home, especially for me because my real home is
in Virginia where I live on the water, so the beach shack theme really
hits home for me. We are sad to go, but the three of us look forward to
meeting again one day down at the sandbar, hey!

What's your favorite Sandbar jukebox song? Bonus points if you tell us why.

I don't think it's any secret when the three of us are at Sandbar
that one to  three Disney songs are going to play. The personal
favorite though of the group I'd have to say is Hakuna Matata from the
Lion King. We all know all the words and always make sure to sing them
at the top of our lungs.

Tell us the funniest moment you remember at The Sandbar- whether it involves you or not.

I'd say the funniest moment I ever had at the Sandbar was taking my
mom there when she came to town to visit. I ordered her a Shark Attack
and it was like watching a kid in the candy story when she poured in
the "blood" and I'm pretty sure she finished it in like 5 minutes and
wanted another. She was also excited to keep her shark, when we got
home she said, Make sure I don't forget my shark when I leave"

Remember the first time you came here? Tell us your first impression.

Me and my friends had always heard that Sandbar was the hardest bar
to get into with a fake ID, so we
29116_816816680829_16832330_44909891_2112268_npromised ourselves that Sandbar would
be the bar we saved for when we w
ere actually 21. We all went together
the night we got back into town from Summer break and had the time of
our lives. We thought we had found bar heaven. Of course we weren't shy
to put on the mermaid costumes and do the Hurricane. From the first
moment we walked in, it became a Lawrence favorite.

What's your drink of choice? The one you'll miss the most?

After trying all of the drinks, the two I will miss the most are my
Pink Flamingos and the new skittle shots. I love the color pink and
skittles are my favorite candy, so they were always my preferred

Tell us what you're doing after you graduate- sticking around town? Moving on to greener pastures?

 I will be moving to New York City and attending the NYU Summer Publishing Institute.

How many hours have you waited in line?

We learned our
lesson early and have never waited in line, because we always got there
early enough to avoid the painstaking line.  I heard it can be crazy,
so we avoided it at all costs.

In closing…

We love the Sandbar and I'm going to dearly miss it, but I'm glad I'll
always have a place to come back to. Thanks for all the memories and
the great times!