Last week, we posted a request
on this blog, Twitter, & Facebook for Sandbar graduates- college
students who frequent the Sandbar and are graduating this spring,
leaving Lawrence and the Sandbar behind (or not, in some cases).

We've profiled graduates in the past, usually employees because
they have to answer my questions if they want to keep their job (not
really), but this year we got lots of responses from graduating
customers. We're excited to share their stories with you!

The second Sandbar 2010 graduate to respond to our request was Gena. 

What's your favorite Sandbar jukebox song? Bonus points if you tell
us why.

My favorite songs would have to include Neil Diamond and Kool &
the Gang songs.  There are too many favorites to pick just one.

Tell us the funniest moment you remember at The Sandbar- whether it involves you or not.

My funniest moment was from several years ago on Cinco De Mayo.  It
was a saturday night and I arrived at the Sandbar already having
started my celebration at El Mezcal (margaritas!!).  After being at the
Sandbar for an hour or so, X (a certain coach who will remain nameless on this blog) arrived.  I turned to yell at my
friend to tell her he was there and by that time he was standing right
by me.  As I turned to my friend, I spilled my popcorn down the front
of his shirt.  The rest of the night I kept going up to him and talking
about the  team.  From that night on, every time I see X he comes up to me and says "I remember you." 🙂

Remember the first time you came here? Tell us your first

I do remember my first night at the Sandbar.  It was in the Spring
of 2004, and I had an absolute blast.  I was definitely dancing on the
benches within the first half hour! 🙂

What's your drink of choice? The one you'll miss the most?

My drink of choice would be a Bahama Mama….and even though I will
still remain in the area after graduation (and will still frequent the
Sandbar), I would miss the shotski the most.

Tell us what you're doing after you graduate- sticking around town?
Moving on to greener pastures?

I will be working at a pharmacy in Ottawa, Kansas.

How many hours have you waited in line?

Ha ha, I have waited in line quite a bit.  After many years of
waiting, I have figured out the secret of the best time to arrive in
order to avoid the lines. 🙂

In closing…

Even though I will be sticking around town after graduation, I would
just like to thank Dave and his wonderful staff for so many years of
enjoyment.  I will always be a big fan of the Sandbar!