The recent post about our shotski got a little bit of attention, and I'm still surprised we never talked about it here before. Or maybe we did, but it was too hard to find among 800 other posts.

I mentioned that we have a second version of the original surfboard drink holder- one that has six shot glasses and requires considerable more effort on the part of the shot-takers.

A reader and regular customer, Danielle, was kind enough to email us a couple pictures of the six-person shotski in action. 

First step: Gather your friends and line them up.

Another friend of ours has pointed out that this trick works best when choosing friends who are all relatively the same height. I'm thinking she must have tried doing the shotski with Dave or someone almost as tall as him. Someone ended up with Dirty Banana all over themselves for sure.

20100204_shotski daniellesaale_0001

Second step: Slowly and carefully lift the shotski. 

Everyone who's lifting needs to be sure to lift at the same speed, and slowly tilt the shotski towards your faces. This requires some concentration and effort, to be sure. It's probably not for the clumsy. Or the ones who've been drinking all night.

20100204_shotski daniellesaale_0002 


Everyone enjoys the Dirty Banana goodness. Next time you're in, try the shotski. Three- and six- person versions available. We recommend starting small and working your way up!