One great Wednesday afternoon I was sitting at the bar as Joe was working. The phone rings, and I answered. It was a girl who left her credit card at the bar. Her name was "Nemo" (not her real name). So I hung up and sat down, expecting her to come by very soon.

Ten minutes went by and a girl walks in and says "I left my card here last night." So Joe went and grabbed teh card that said "Nemo" and hands it to the girl. She says "thanks" and leaves. As we see the girl drive off, another girl walks in and says "Hi, I'm Nemo, I left my card here last night."

Joe had just given the wrong card to the wrong girl. Now on one hand, Joe was not the sharpest tool in the shed this time. But on the other hand, the cards were two different colors and the first girl didn't realize it.


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I'm sorry Dave!


This weekend, a friend referred to the trip back into the bar the day after to retrieve a left-behind card as the adult version of the "walk of shame." I chuckled. He was an over-40 type who was making the walk of shame himself. He got the right card.