What does the Sandbar have to do with a giant steak?

Earlier this month on March 5, Dave’s friend Bret called to tell him that members of their favorite band, Jason Boland & the Stragglers, were on the road in Texas. Before their show that night, they planned to stop at the Big Texan Steak Ranch.

The Big Texan is home to the 72 ounce steak challenge. Basically, if you can eat the entire meal in one hour, it’s free. There’s a list on their website of everyone who’s completed the dinner since 1991- they’ve been doing this since 1962, but their records were destroyed in 1976 by fire and again in 1991 by a sprinkler system accident. The list is long. And it looks like it’s all men.

The other interesting thing about this challenge: it’s broadcast live on the internet through webcams aimed at the tables.

Anyway. Roger, the band’s guitar player, and Mikey, one of their crew, were up for the challenge. According to Bret, Roger also planned to wear a Sandbar shirt that Dave gave him the last time they played in Lawrence.

Here’s a picture of them filling out their disclaimer forms (courtesy of the band’s Twitter feed). Although it’s hidden by his jacket, you can see that Roger’s wearing a blue Sandbar shirt:


Dave watched part of the challenge online, and indeed he got a glimpse of the Sandbar shirt. Roger completed the meal in 57:40 according to the Big Texan’s record list. Mike didn’t- but he’s probably better off.

Roger and the rest of the Stragglers are in Lawrence again tonight. If you like good, traditional country music don’t miss this show. It’s at The Granada, and the opening band- the John D. Hale Band from Missouri- is good too. The guys from Kansas City Limits, a radio program in Kansas City, will be at the Sandbar early this evening to give away some tickets.